We let you know what's going on from an accounting and business perspective on a regular basis and at times of significant tax changes through Accelerate, our tax and business newsletter.

Doing Business in New Zealand

  • General Information
  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting Framework

October Accelerate

  • Property sales
  • Performance reviews

August Accelerate

  • Focus on agriculture
  • Health and safety

June Accelerate

  • Focus on exporting
  • R & D tax credits

April 2019 Accelerate

  • Ring-fencing residential rental losses
  • Apprenticeships

March 2019 Accelerate

  • Year-end tax tips
  • Bad debt write off

February 2019 Accelerate

  • Payday filing
  • Domestic violence leave

December 2018 Accelerate

  • Managing cashflow
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Business health check

October 2018 Accelerate

  • Managing business growth
  • Tax finance
  • Motor vehicle rates
  • Anti-Money laundering

August 2018 Accelerate

  • Proposed trust law changes
  • Family trust considerations and responsibilities
  • Role of trustees
  • Claiming deductions for expenses

July 2018 Accelerate

  • Livestock herd scheme values
  • Livestock election choices

June 2018 Accelerate

  • FBT on motor vehicles
  • FBT on non-cash benefits
  • Families Package changes

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